An open source scripting language that implements both functional and imperative programming paradigms.

Everything About Here

A web application that uses your geolocation to tell you all kinds of cool things. Currently have over 30,000 visits.

Swap Sitters

A Rails app made for Camp Polyhacks 2018. The goal is to enable a network of low income parents to exchange childcare.

Shadows Game

A gamejam project based on the theme "Shadows". Survive the night by finding light.


A Minimally Useful Shell. Originally created for CPE357, but extended with extra useful features.

Youtube Channel

Random Videos


T4MusicMentor is a website devoted to helping beginners learn how to play their instrument. It contains over 3000 videos for various instruments - many of which I edited. I worked for T4Music mentor from Feb 14 - Aug 16.

Markov Music Generator

A group project done in CPE 123 that uses a markov model to do random music generation

Evolutionary Neural Network

A project that I did in an attempt to understand both neural networks and the power of evolutionary computing. The version on GitHub currently solves the prisoner's dilemma

P5JS Animation

A fun little adjustable animation I wrote in P5JS.

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